Facts On Why AsiaCharm Works

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You are about to enter a journey of finding Asian brides online! Ah! Wait! I see some suspicion in your eyes. Come on. Don’t worry about anything just yet. You can be sure that I walk you through. You’ll be totally fine. If I was to ask you climb the Mount Everest, would you be afraid? Yes, definitely! Because you are not trained for it. But if you ask a very experienced professional mountaineer? He can do it without fear. What I’m trying to say here: you suspect because you don’t understand. I will start my first post on introducing this Asian brides business. And I hope, by the end of this article, I can convince you that: AsiaCharm Works!

Some history lessons. Mail order bride industry emerged long ago in the nineteenth century. Asian workers stayed east, in the frontier regions and American men headed west across the U.S to work (farming, gold-digging, etc) on the frontier. North American found financial success. But they are lonely, as there were very few women living there. So men wrote letters and advertise themselves in newspapers. Women wrote back and with a photo of herself. Courtship. In its most original form.

You see. This isn’t a new trend. As time passes. Women ready for marriage will list themselves to be selected by men. In the latest form, women from developing countries look for men in developed countries. It works for many years, even until now on the Internet.

Chatting with others for entertainment or companionship, not the desire for sex or a long-term commitment, has become much more common. Like many tech products, dating apps like Chatting Angels have done remarkably well during the pandemic. Match Group, the parent company for 45 dating brands, including Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid and Match, reported an increase in downloads and subscribers from pre-COVID-19 levels in the second quarter of this year, according to an August report in Business Insider.

AsiaCharm works with Mail Order Brides Agencies. So Asian women register with them. Agencies themselves (or with other smaller-scale AsiaCharm finders) will facilitate communication and meeting with men. Data in 2013 shows that 12 million people visited the top 10 sites! So you are not the only one. Nothing new here.

Asian brides service include instant messaging, email letters, webchat, phone translation, virtual gifts, live games, mobile-based chat, etc.

Do you want more facts?

Do you know these Asian brides aren’t easy or desperate women? They are like women that you met in any bar or train stations. They have the right to say ‘no’ if they are not interested.

And something positive. Do you know marriages arranged through mail order brides sites (we recommend the best website – mail-order-brides-sites.com) have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole? Around 80% of the marriage last for years. So you see. It works!