Destination weddings in Italy

You need to take the decision to have your wedding in Italy if you desire to have an awesome destination wedding. Italy is a destination of choice when it comes to wedding. The amazing food, picturesque landscapes and romantic setting are preferred by couples from all over the world.

When it comes to reception venues and wedding, Italy has a lot to offer. The most preferred destination wedding venues are the towns of Ravello and Positano. San Francisco cloisters are also a destination of choice.


The Amalfi coast has a duomo which is one of the ancient marriage halls in Italy. This is the place to choose if you want your wedding to hold in a historical place. A quieter destination to hold your wedding is the While Ravello. It has gardens that date back to the thirteenth century.

You need to have a clear understanding of what you want for your wedding in Italy. It is important to start making preparations early enough and you also need to make bookings in advance. For you to take advantage of the view you need to ensure that your wedding schedule falls in the summer months.


There are vast arrays of awesome meals in Italy so you are rest assured that your guests will be thrilled by delicious food and drinks. You also need to process your legal documents early enough. Make a good choice of a photographer, bearing in mind that the pictures to be taken will provide a lasting memory of your wedding day.

Italy is a great place to get married, and Dasiyes Wedding (  is an agency that specializes in bringing your dream wedding to reality. They organize exclusive weddings all over Italy and they have offices in Rome. They are very familiar with the ancient traditions, rich history, marvelous architecture and breathtaking countryside of this charming country.

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