Love And Wedding And Divorce In America

August 4, 2017

Divorce in America is estimated at 50-percent. One of every two marriages will end in front of a judge and what was once a promising future will have degenerated into silence at best and thunderous shouting at worst. Other times, there’s arson and shooting involved. The only proven way to avoid divorce is never get […]

Basics Of A Muslim marriage

October 30, 2014

Muslim marriage just like in any other faith is a sacred institution. It’s a binding contract between a Muslim man and a Muslim woman. Muslim marriages are conducted in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Shariah. Parents usually arrange Islamic marriages. The woman’s parents make the proposal for marriage to the man and with […]

The right style for dating

October 2, 2014

That woman are keen on men in suits is nothing new, however, it’s only half the story. Not every man who appears on a date wearing a suit will be described by the woman as attractive. What is the right style for dating? What should a man watch out for when choosing his outfit? That […]

Get The Ring: Using Psychics For Your Love Life

June 13, 2013

Love is never easy, but with a psychic in your corner, you may find yourself a little less overwhelmed in the wild waters of dating. From astrological readings to a clairvoyant’s vision of your future, psychics can help you not just find your soul mate, but keep him by your side until death does you […]