What are Certified Loose Diamonds?

April 8, 2015

Basically, loose diamonds are diamonds, which are not attached or has been set to any piece of jewelry. The brilliance and natural beauty of loose diamonds are marvelous while being less expensive than the diamonds set in jewelries, making it really popular to be used in numerous ways nowadays. A certificate for a loose diamond […]

F.Hinds wedding jewelry

August 13, 2014

Wedding day is one of the most important day of any couple’s life, especially of a woman’s life. She never forgets that moment when she was tied in a marital bliss. We all know that wedding is the most important part of a woman’s life but what is the most important part of a wedding? […]

Look radiant and stunning with costume Indian jewelry

June 13, 2013

Indian gold jewellery has always been synonymous with heavy silk sarees or embroidered lehengas. However, long gone are the days when people felt that Indian jewelry cannot be paired with western outfits such as denims, skirts and off shoulder dresses. Today, Indian fashion jewelry is eagerly sought after by women from various parts of the […]