Should You Use Two Wed to Make Your Wedding Fun and Memorable?

November 17, 2015

In today’s world, internet promises to change the face of most things, and that includes wedding. Now, with the help of a web-based service called Two Wed, you can make your wedding all the more special and unique. What is Two Wed? Based in Canada, Two Wed is an interactive web platform that aspires to […]

Pergamonde Wedding Invitations

May 23, 2015

Although there are lots of different wedding invitations available, none of them can be compared to the uniqueness of handmade wedding invitations. The ageless vintage and elegance of handmade wedding invitations is more popular in this digital age than in medieval times. A good reason for the popularity of handmade wedding invitation is due to […]

Multicultural wedding

August 9, 2014

The day of the wedding is perhaps one of the most beautiful days of any individual’s life. It is for this reason; this day needs to be special, exotic and memorable. Who would not like to share this day with their near and dear ones? But there is one more thing which could be shared […]