Vacation Rentals in Jerusalem

May 25, 2014

Jerusalem is the capital of the country of Israel. The town created 3000 years back by King David as the capital city of the Jewish state. Consecrated by early history events as well as sacred areas , it is actually worshiped by Jews,Christians as well as Muslims from all around the globe . Jerusalem is […]

Bride’s Advice: Making the Best of a Key West Destination Wedding

January 7, 2014

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular every year. Couples that truly want a romantic and memorable wedding can have their dream come true with a beach wedding in Key West. The island offers a warm, exotic location with myriad choices for that picturesque background of the blue ocean water. A beach wedding can […]

Honeymoon for Hire

May 5, 2013

Why Hire A Travel Agent, And How To Make One Work For You Written by Lisa from Designer Wedding Dresses shop Sweetywedding When the stress of wedding planning gets to be too much, there’s nearly always one saving grace in sight: the honeymoon. After fighting with your cousin about whether her kids can come to the wedding or […]